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Welcome to Albuquerque Clinical Trials! We have been conducting studies for over 20 years. We love our patients and the opportunity to advance medical research. Experience and passion make all the difference.

This site is designed for both interested patients and study sponsors. For patients, thank you for visiting our site! Participation in a clinical trial can be rewarding. You can learn more about the health condition which you or a loved one suffers from, and receive important medical evaluations such as labs, EKGs, and physical exams. You can explore treatment possibilities, and also share in exciting research. We have a list of new and ongoing studies which might interest you. If you would like to learn more about studies please visit the FAQ page. We are committed to answering your questions and concerns at every step.

For sponsors, please visit our sponsors and facilities tab. These highlight our capabilities and experience.

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Why Participate in a Clinical Trial

Participation in medical trials helps develop new medical treatments that could end up saving lives. There are a number of reasons volunteers participate in clinical trials. Some people participate because they want to help in the advancement of science. Others join because there is not a good existing treatment for their disease. Some people also join hoping to receive better medical care or because they don’t have health insurance and know that clinical trials are a way to get study-related medical care.

Whatever the reason may be, we are here to answer your questions. It is important when deciding to participate in a medical trial that you make an informed choice. Please, ask your physician and our research center staff any questions before you make the decision to volunteer.

Albuquerque Clinical Trials Home Page

Albuquerque Clinical Trials Home Page

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Sponsors, Why Choose Albuquerque Clinical Trials.

At Albuquerque Clinical Trials we value our sponsors and want to get you the best results possible. You are the people creating new advancements in the medical field. From recruiting volunteers to participate in your trials to getting you results, our team is dedicated to professionalism and accuracy. Our experienced research center staff has the training to get you a successful trial.


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