Birth Control Study

birth control study

In the U.S. there are 2.8 million unintended pregnancies every year, which accounts for 45% of all pregnancies. In a survey taken from women who had an unintended pregnancy, 40% responded with either: 1. They did not expect to have sex, 2. They were worried about the side effects of birth control or 3. Their male partner did not want to use birth control. Based on these responses, there is an unmet need for women who would like to be on birth control, but would either need a non hormonal contraceptive without side effects and/or a birth control they could use in the moment without hesitation from their male partner.

Albuquerque Clinical Trials is conducting a birth control study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of an investigational non hormonal contraceptive lubricant. Qualified patients must:

  • Be a premenopausal female, 18 years of age to 35 years of age
  • Be at risk for pregnancy and seeking contraception
  • Be willing to use the contraceptive lubricant as the sole contraceptive

Patients that qualify for participation in the study will a no cost receive:

  • Study medication
  • Study-related care from a local doctor
  • Compensation for time and travel

To sign up for this study or learn more about this study, please go to our PARTICIPANT SIGN UP FORM and a member of our team will contact you.