Hot Flash Study

Hot Flash

As you age, you will eventually come into menopause–the time when a woman’s menstrual period stops. A very common symptom  of this menopausal transition, are hot flashes.

Hot flashes are sudden feelings of warmth, which are usually most intense over the face, neck and chest. Your skin may redden, as if you’re blushing. Hot flashes can also cause profuse sweating and may leave you chilled.

How often hot flashes occur varies from woman to woman, but usually the range is from one or two a day to one an hour. Getting proper treatment for your hot flashes can help you still live your normal everyday life with this natural symptom.

Albuquerque Clinical Trials is conducting a research study to evaluate an investigational medication in the treatment of hot flashes.

Patients seeking to participate in this trial will be excluded if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • History of deep vein thrombosis
  • History of coronary artery or cerebrovascular diease
  • History of diabetes, thyroid disease, or any other endocrinological disease
  • Use 15 or more cigarettes a day or currently using electronic cigarettes

Patients that qualify for participation in the study will at no cost receive:

  • Study medication
  • Study-related care from a local doctor
  • Compensation for time and travel


To sign up for this study go to our Participant Sign Up Form

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